Q: Do all trailers need to be inspected?

A: No, if your trailer gross weight is under 3,000 lb. it does not need a state inspecation, unless equippet with brakes. 

Q: What does a trailers G.V.W.R. mean?
A: Each trailer has a Gross Vehicle Weight Rating. This is the combined weight of the trailer (empty) and the amount of cargo weight it will carry. For example: A trailer with a 9,990 lb. G.V.W.R. that weighs 3800 lb. empty, will carry 6,190 lb.

Q: Does my vehicle need a brake controller?
A: That all depends on what trailer you will be towing. If the trailer you are pulling has electric brakes (hydrualic excluded), then you will need a brake controller. The electric brakes will only work if a brake controller is installed. When you apply the brake in your vehicle is sends a signal to your brake controller, which will send a signal out to the trailer wire from the back of your vehicle to activate the brakes. Without a brake controller your trailer will continue to push your vehicle when you come to a stop. A brake controller is required by law when towing a trailer with electric brakes. 

Q: What is my vehicle rated to tow?
A: We reccomend that you check your vehicles owners manual for your tow rating.